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Double Mechanical Seals for Glass Lined Agitators, & Vessels with Cooling Jacket & Bearing
Agitator Seals
Seal series 95UU/CK
Standard Style
Face Materials

Inboard seal :- Carbon v/s Ceramic

Metal Parts

SS 316, Carbon steel

Secondary Seals

  Corrossive Services
  Pharmaceutical Products

Seal Characteristics
  Double acting back to back
  Independent of direction of rotation
  Operated with pressure barrier fluid
  No metal is in contact with the media / vapors
Operating Limits
Shaft Diameter d1 :  40.0, 50.0, 60.0, 80.0, 100.0, 125.0mm
Pressure p p :  Vacuum to 12 bar
Temperature t :  Amb...120 o C
Velocity v :  300 RPM

Series 95UU/CK is factory assembled cartridge units on glass lined vessels. The seals are designed for handling severe services including products emitting toxic vapours during reaction process.
The design incorporates bearing located very close to the seal. This standard feature effectively arrests the shaft whip for smooth and trouble free operation enabling enhanced seal life. The cooling jacket, also a standard feature, helps to maintain cool environment around the seal. Large clearance between rotating shaft/sleeve and mating ring permits higher deflection of the shaft, invariably associated with top entry agetators.