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Compact cartridge Single coil spring seal, Single Acting, Balanced, Independent of Direction of Rotation
Seal series 70B/CG
Standard Style
Face Materials

Rotary:- Carbon, Silicone Carbide, Tungsten Carbide

Stationary:- Silicone Carbide, Tungsten Carbide, Ceramic (99.5 %), Cast chrome steel

Metal Parts

AISI 316

Secondary Seals

  Chemical Process Pumps
  Corrosive chemicals

Seal Characteristics
  Single acting
  Inside mounted
Operating Limits
Shaft Diameter d1 :  20 бн95 mm
Pressure p p :  25 bar
Temperature t :  -20 бн +220 o C
Velocity v :  20 m/s.

Series 70B/CG are single helical coil spring cartridge seals developed for dirty media & cloging type application. Various type material & elastomers can be offered for wide service application. The compact cartridge designs of seal permits their use in all type & centrifugal pump.

These Seals are also available in DIN 24960 standard. & will be denoted as N70B / N75B