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Balanced Seal Single Acting, Independent of Direction of Rotation
Seal Series 90B30/CG
Standard Style
Face Materials

Silicon Carbide, Ceramic (99.5%), Carbon.

Metal Parts

AISI 316, Hastelloy-C, Monel, Alloy - 20

Secondary Seals
  Elastomers, FEP, PFE

  Ash Slurry Pumps
  Clinker Grinders
  Pulp Pumps
  Sludge Pumps
  Syrup Pumps

Seal Characteristics
  Single Acting
  Stationary multiple springs
  Independent of direction of rotation
Operating Limits
Shaft Diameter d1 :  18 бн 100 mm
Pressure p p :  25 bar
Temperature t :  -20 бн 220 o C
Velocity v :  20 m/s.

Series 90B30/CG is specially designed cartridge seal for pumps handling slurries, sludges, syrups and other fluids that polymerise or solidify with changes in temperature. The Stationary:- spring in this design are protected from the fluid being sealed by means of dynamic O-ring. Both mating faces are of extremely high abrasion and wear resistant materials. This is a single seal that replaces double seals in most applications.