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Welded Metal Bellows, Inherently Balanced , Independent of Direction of Rotation
Seal series 60/CG
Standard Style
Face Materials

Silicon Carbide, Tungsten Carbide, Carbon.

Metal Parts

AISI 316, Carpenter 42

Welded Bellows :

AM 350

Secondary Seals


Seal Characteristics
  Single acting
  Independent of direction of Rotation
  Inherently Balanced
  Welded Metal Bellows
Operating Limits
Shaft Diameter d1 :  19 бн100 mm
Pressure p p :  20 bar
Temperature t :  -20 бн +400 o C
Velocity v :  20 m/s.

Seal series 60/CG is welded metal bellow cartridge seal is used in chemical, petrochemical and refinery process pumps for high temperature/moderate pressure applications. This bellow seal is constructed by welding a series of diaphragms together at the edges to form a bellows unit. The bellows unit eleiminates the need for springs, dynamic secondary seal and provides flexibility to the seal face in addition to compensating for seal face wear.